US strongly supports int’l partnership against chemical weapons impunity

The US said Wednesday that it strongly supports the French-led partnership to hold accountable those responsible for the use of chemical weapons across the world.

On Tuesday, US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson participated in the launch of the International Partnership Against Impunity for the Use of Chemical Weapons in Paris, France.

“The goal is to prevent further erosion of the universal norm against the use of chemical weapons,” said a statement from the White House.

It highlighted Russia’s repeated veto of the UN-Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons Joint Investigative Mechanism, which is the “only independent and impartial tool the international community has to identify the parties responsible for chemical weapons attacks in Syria.” The US called on “all responsible nations to condemn the use of those horrible weapons and to hold accountable both those who commit mass murder with chemical weapons and those who sponsor and support them.

Source: Kuwait News Agency