US urges Ukraine to create anti-corruption court

The United States on Tuesday called on Ukraine’s government to create an independent anti-corruption court to address “systemic corruption.” In a statement, the State Department called on Kiev to implement “deep, comprehensive, and timely reforms to end systemic corruption, faster economic growth, and (secure) a European future for all Ukrainians.” The “establishment of a genuinely independent anti-corruption court” is the most important, immediate step the Ukrainian government can take to deal with corruption that threaten the country’s “national security, prosperity and democratic development,” the State Department said. The US encouraged Ukraine to work closely with the International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) to discuss relevant legislative proposals and to pass a bill that meets IMF requirements. “We agree with the IMF that any legislation establishing an anti-corruption court must include a central role for a council of international experts to ensure the selection of qualified judges.” The State Department said. “Any legislation “establishing the court must satisfy the IMF, which provides essential financial support to the Ukrainian government.

Source: Kuwait News Agency