US “will continue to use all tools to separate” Maduro’s gov’t from financial resources – Bolton

WASHINGTON, Feb. 8 (KUNA) — US National Security Adviser John Bolton on Friday said that the US would “continue to use all tools” to hinder Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro and his associates from reaching financial resources.

Bolton’s remarks came in a tweet after FBI agents raided a bank in Puerto Rico on Wednesday amid allegations over violations of US sanctions imposed on those who do business with Venezuela’s government.

“The US will continue to use all tools to separate Maduro and his cronies from money that rightfully belongs to the people of Venezuela,” Bolton said in a tweet.

He maintained that “those who continue to plunder the resources of Venezuela and stand against its people will not be forgotten.” In another tweet, he noted that the US is “moving quickly to bring humanitarian aid to Venezuela’s doorstep to help the people and their new government – led by Juan Guaido,” and voiced hope “to see the people of Venezuela, and members of its military, peacefully coming together to allow this aid into Venezuela.” US officials accuse the Venezuelan military of blocking aid sent by the US and other countries from reaching the Venezuelan people. (end) rsr.ibi

Source: Kuwait News Agency