US worried about Turkey operating S-400 system – Pompeo

WASHINGTON, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Tuesday said his country was worried about Turkey’s operating of the S-400 air defense system it acquired recently from Russia.

“It’s concerning. We are hopeful. We are still talking to the Turks. We are still trying to figure our way through this thing,” he told reporters.

Secretary Pompeo was commenting on reports that Turkey has started testing the Russian anti-aircraft and anti-missile defense system on the US-made F-16 jet fighters. “We don’t want to get out in front of what the president (Donald Trump) may or may not do, but we have made very clear to the Turkish government our desire to see them move away from the putting into full operational operationalization the S-400 weapon system,” Secretary Pompeo affirmed.

Angered by the Turkish-Russian deal, the US decided in last June to exclude Turkey from the F-35 jet fighter program.

The tensions between the US and Turkey – a NATO member, went high in July when the latter acquired the first shipment of the missile system.

Source: Kuwait News Agency