Uzbeks win five weight classes at Kuwait’s first int’l boxing event

Uzbeks claimed the lion’s share of gold medals across seven weight categories at the closing of the first Kuwait International Men’s Boxing Championships on Monday as the host nation took two bronze medals and a silver.
Abdumajid Mannopov (51kg), Abdumalik Khalokov (57kg), Javlonbek Yuldoshev (71kg), Dilshodbek Ruzmetov (80kg) and Diyorbek Uralov (92kg) were each champions in their respective weight classes, as Uzbekistan’s boxers took home five titles in total.
Khuntip Pidnuch of Thailand and Maimaiti Aihemaiti of China won the titles in their 63kg and 92kg weight categories respectively.
Kuwaitis Abdulrahman Al-Enezi (92kg+) was runner up in his weight group while Mansour Mubarak (51kg) and Khaled Al-Shemmeri (92kg) were both handed a bronze medal apiece for their efforts.


Source: Kuwait News Agency

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