West Asian Deaf Federation Council Approves Saudi Arabia’s Bid to Host the 2025 West Asian Deaf Bowling Championship in Riyadh

Riyadh: The Board of Directors of the West Asian Regional Federation for Deaf Sports has held a meeting in the capital, Riyadh, headed by the President of the Federation, Dr. Saeed bin Mohammed Al-Qahtani.

The meeting, which took place yesterday was attended by the President of the Asian Pacific Federation for Deaf Sports, Muhammad Pargar, it was reported today.

During the meeting, which discussed many topics, it was decided that the Kingdom will host the West Asia Bowling Championship for the Deaf in 2025. Among other issues, the renewal of the membership of the Board of Directors, pending the approval of the Federation’s General Assembly next meeting as well as the adoption of the Federation’s annual program during the coming period were also discussed.

Source: Saudi Press Agency