White House deeply concerned over recent setbacks to Cambodia’s democracy

The White House voiced Tuesday its deep concern over the recent setbacks to democracy in Cambodia, including the Senate elections that “failed to represent the genuine will of the Cambodian people.” “These setbacks compelled the United States to review its assistance to Cambodia to ensure that American taxpayer funds are not being used to support anti-democratic behavior,” the White House said in a statement.

It announced that based on this review, the US Government “will suspend or curtail several Treasury, USAID, and American military assistance programs intended to support the General Department of Taxation, the capacity of local government authorities, and the Cambodian military, each of which has been linked to these setbacks.” ‘We will continue many projects in support of the Cambodian people, including those in health, agriculture, mine clearance, civil society promotion, and other crucial areas,” it added.

Source: Kuwait News Agency