Yemeni army liberates areas in Hejja – source

ADEN, The Yemeni army said Saturday they have liberated some areas from the Houthi militias in the northwestern Hejja district.

National Army forces, backed by the Saudi-led Arab coalition aircraft, liberated Al-Naseem Farms from the grip of Houthis, the armed forces’ media center said in a statement, citing a military source.

The operation, said the source, also resulted in liberation of villages of Al-Qas, Hajawra, Jubran and Bani Uwayyed.

The houthis were using these areas as military positions to launch their attacks against civilians and government forces in Hejja, said the source.

They commended the Arab coalition for launching four airstrikes targeting positions of houthis in and around Al-Naseem Farms.

Source: Kuwait News Agency