Yemeni Army troops seize entrance to Hodeida airport

Yemeni Army troops, engaged in a wide-scale military operation on Yemeni southern coast, have advanced seizing southern entrance of Al-Hodeida International Airport, according the official Saudi Press Agency (SPA).

SPA, in a report late on Friday, quoted field officers as saying that the regular forces, backed by the Popular Resistance fighters, pushed the Houthi rebels out of the southern entrance and the nearby Al-Orood location.

The rebels’ defenses have collapsed as a result of the attack, backed by warplanes and gunboats of the Arab coalition for restoration of legitimacy in Yemen.

The coalition operation to capture Al-Hodeida ports has been ongoing for weeks.

The legitimate government troops are also targeting the city port to deprive the rebels access to the sea through which they have been smuggling arms and ammunition.

Saudi Arabia is leading the Arab coalition against the Houthi mutineers who have seized Sanaa and other parts of the country.

Source: Kuwait News Agency