Burbayea 2022 JetSki Stock World Champion


Kuwaiti Rider Faisal Burbayea victorious in this year’s 2022 IJSBA NOVICE RUNABOUT STOCK World Championship.
Burbayea from Ostrow-Warcki, Poland told KUNA on Tuesday that this was his first partaking in a world championship and looking forward to more victories in the near future.
Adding, the competition round involved 300 racers from 33 different countries and that the next stage of the competition will take place on the Lakes of the State of Arizona in the US, to be held in October, then to Pattaya, Thailand for the third Stages in December.
This WGP World Series launched July 19 as part of the three part series of a three-year old competition, to encourage more participant’s involvement in the European events proceeding to the Royal Thai World series leading to the annual Worlds in Lake Havasu


Source: Kuwait News Agency

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