Kuwait lawmaker welcomes pan-Arab talks on youth scout efforts

A Kuwaiti lawmaker welcomed on Sunday his country’s hosting of pan-Arab talks to bolster youth scout efforts across the wider Arab region, hailing the initiative as a viable chance for more cooperation on the matter.

The talks, which bring together representatives of Arab countries including host nation Kuwait, Qatar and Algeria, amongst others, aim to prop up scout programs and endeavors geared towards youngsters in the region, the Kuwait lawmaker, MP Dr. Abdullah Al-Turaiji, said.

Al-Turaiji’s remarks, broadcast by “Al-Dostour” news network, came during inauguration of the general assembly of the Arab Parliamentarians Scouting Union, sponsored by the honorary chairman and Speaker of the Kuwaiti parliament, Marzouq Ali Al-Ghanim.

Up to 170 scouting personalities are taking part in the gathering, “Kuwait capital of Arab scouting,” due until Wednesday.

Al-Turaiji thanked union member states that approved transfer of the headquarters from Lebanon to Kuwait.

Source: Kuwait News Agency