Arab League starts extraordinary meeting to face US embassy move

CAIRO, A scheduled extraordinary meeting of Arab League permanent representatives began on Wednesday to discuss the US “illegal move” transferring its embassy from Tel Aviv to the holy city Jerusalem.

Head of the meeting and Saudi Arabia’s permanent delegate, Osama Nugali, announced during the opening of the session that it was a prelude to a meeting of Arab foreign ministers, to be held Thursday.

The officials are discussing developments in Palestine after the US decision of moving the embassy, a move tantamount to recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Ambassador Nugali said this move is “illegal” and against all international legitimacy decisions.

This meeting should result in practical measures and must rise up to the level of this disastrous and unprecedented event, Palestine Ambassador to the pan-Arab organization, Diyab Al-Louh, stated. He strongly affirmed necessity of quick intervention to protect the unarmed people of Palestine, especially after the “Israeli massacre on the borders of Gaza.

Source: Kuwait News Agency