British lawmakers vote on bill on withdrawing from EU

Britain’s House of Common voted on Wednesday to support a bill regarding withdrawing from the European Union (EU), in return for obtaining powers to discuss details on the final exit with Brussels.

Some 319 MPs voted for the bill, however 303 others were against. The move is considered a victory for Prime Minister Theresa May whose government is facing political pressures in both London and Brussels.

The government agreed with the lawmakers that Speaker of the House of Common John Bercow has the final say whether MPs have the right to conduct amendments if Britain and the EU fail to sign a final agreement by March 29, 2019, the time set for the withdrawal.

The Upper chamber’s lawmakers have voted last week on 15 amendments asking the government to grant the parliament wide and clear powers to control the current negotiations on the withdrawal from the EU.

However, the government considered that these amendments will affect its ability to negotiate with the EU.

Source: Kuwait News Agency