Egypt Embassy touts Kuwait response to Sun. events

The Egyptian Embassy in Kuwait Monday utterly rejected “deplorable” happenings at centers for residency law breakers late Sunday, but appreciated the way Kuwaiti authorities addressed the matter.
The embassy said in a press statement it trusts the wisdom of the Interior Ministry’s personnel, underlining that such behaviors are totally unacceptable.
It added that officials of the Egyptian Consulate in Kuwait had been sent to the centers yesterday to meet representatives of the Egyptians kept there, with Kuwaiti officials attending.
It made it clear that it had urged those Egyptians to avert making any trouble, reassuring that evacuation flights would commence this week.
The embassy noted that it was coordinating, with Kuwaiti officials, arrangements for evacuation flights, saying that two such planes carrying women, children and seniors would fly to Cairo this week.
It, once more, called on Egyptians kept in the residency law breakers’ centers to follow Kuwaiti security guidelines and to steer away from rumors and riots.
Kuwaiti security forces late Sunday controlled a riot by Egyptians held in centers where violators of residency law are kept ahead of sending them back to their own countries. 

Source: Kuwait News Agency