EP against detention of children for immigration reasons

BRUSSELS, The European Parliament passed a resolution Thursday saying all migrant children and families with children should be housed in non-custodial facilities in EU countries while their immigration status is processed.

“Children shall not be detained for immigration purposes” and the EU Commission should act against EU member states “in instances of protracted and systematic immigration detention of children and their families,” stated the resolution passed by show of hands.

Bulgaria was the country with the most migrant children in detention, while there were also high numbers of detained children in Greece, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia.

The resolution notes that there are an estimated 5.4 million migrant children living in Europe, making it home to one out of six of the world’s child migrants.

The EP urged national authorities in EU countries to speed up procedures for appointing guardians for unaccompanied children, who should also be hosted in separate facilities from adults in order to avoid any risk of violence and sexual abuse.

Source: Kuwait News Agency