France warns against any travel to Afghanistan because of poor security

France on Thursday warned its nationals not to travel to any part of Afghanistan because of the deterioration of the security situation in that country.

The Foreign Ministry published a formal warning to all French people, particularly journalists, not to travel to anywhere in Afghanistan, even the capital Kabul, because of the security risks.

“We recall that we formally advise against going there. The totality of the territory, including Kabul, is classified as a ‘Red Zone’ in the Foreign Ministry travel advisory,” a statement said.

While attached to the freedom of the press and the right of journalists to do their jobs, “the deterioration of the security situation in Afghanistan brings grave risks for journalists working there,” the statement underlined, calling on any press professionals planning to go to Afghanistan to cancel their plans.

Several major Taliban attacks recently in Kabul, against foreign nationals and government institutions have prompted the French authorities to issue the warning.

Source: Kuwait News Agency