France’s “red line” has been crossed in Syria – Macron

PARIS, April France’s “red line” has been crossed after the suspected chemical attack last week in the Syrian town of Douma, said French President Emmanuel Macron Saturday.

His remarks came after his nation, the United States and Britain have launched a military operation against the Syrian government’s clandestine chemical arsenal.

He pointed out that there was “no doubt” that the Syrian government is responsible. President Bashar Assad’s government denies responsibility.

Macron noted that the operation was limited to Syria’s abilities to produce chemical weapons, without providing further details.

Meanwhile, in a joint press conference with French Defense Minister Florence Parly, French Foreign Affairs Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian said that Friday night’s air strikes on Syria were “legitimate and limited.” Western officials believe chlorine was used in the April 7th attack on the main city in the former rebel bastion of Eastern Ghouta, where dozens of civilians were reported killed.

Parly on her part said the Western powers targeted “the main research center” and two production sites of “a clandestine chemical programme” operated by the Syrian government.

“We’ve hit their capacity to develop, perfect and produce chemical weapons. The goal is simple: stop the regime from using chemical weapons again”.

Source: Kuwait News Agency