German Social Democrats choose new leadership duo

BERLIN, The Social Democratic Party (SPD), Germany’s ruling grand coalition partner, elected on Friday the leftists – MP Saskia Esken and ex-minister Norbert Walter-Borjans, as new leaders of the party.

Esken, an MP from the Black Forest region in southwest Germany, won 76 percent of the votes while Walter-Borjans – the former minister of finance of the federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia, got 89 percent.

Both Esken and Walter-Borjans stated previously their opposition to the SPD’s alliance with Chancellor Angela’s Merkel’s Christian Democrat Party (CDU), saying they would adopt a leftist policy regardless of its impacts on grand coalition.

Their election today signals that the collapse of the grand coalition, which was formed in March 2018 after lengthy talks with the CDU, has become a matter of time.

The main challenge for the new SPD leadership is to regain the confidence of the German voters in the country’s oldest party in the run-up to the general elections of 2021.

Source: Kuwait News Agency