A proper media strategy should be placed, to explain the various dimensions of the operation, to liberate Yemen’s main port city of Hodeidah, Mohammad Al-Jabri, Kuwait’s Information Minister said yesterday, during the meeting of the information ministers of the member countries of the Arab Coalition to Support Legitimacy in Yemen.

Al-Jabri went on to underline how a well thought-out media plan, would be instrumental in exposing how much effort has been made, to restore stability to a nation torn apart by war.

“We need to lay out a clear and concrete plan, on the media front, that supports the Arab Coalition’s comprehensive operations in Yemen,” the minister emphasised.

Al-Jabri spoke of the immense scope of humanitarian aid that Yemen needs, pointing out that, the aforementioned operation is merely the periphery of the daunting task, to bring stability and peace back to the war-ravaged nation.

He also deplored a spate of recent missile attacks, launched by Houthi militias against Saudi Arabia, assuring Kuwait’s unbridled support of all measures it takes, to keep its security intact

Source: NAM News Network