Mattis, German counterpart discuss security relationship

Secretary of Defense James Mattis met with his German counterpart Ursula von der Leyen Wednesday at the Pentagon, a statement said.

During their meeting, both sides reaffirmed “the long-standing defense relationship” between the US and Germany, the Pentagon added.

They also discussed Germany’s efforts to increase defense spending by 80 percent by 2024, and “agreed on the need for all allies to focus on readiness and investments.” Matties thanked Leyen for Germany’s commitment to NATO, the coalition against the so-called Islamic State, and the UN.

He added, “Germany is now a vital security provider, a powerful provider of development aid and a force for European and global prosperity.” For her part, Leyen praised her country’s relations with the US, saying that Germany is committed to defend its democracies and values.

Source: Kuwait News Agency