OIC supports Sudanese people to determine own future

MAKKAH, Leaders of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) supported the Sudanese people in determining their own future, and urged the Sudanese parties to continue dialogue in order to secure peaceful power transition.

In a statement over Sudan, heads of state and government of OIC countries welcomed the measures that aimed at preserving state institutions and interest of people.

They urged all parties to continue constructive dialogue in order to maintain social unity with the objective of meeting aspirations of the Sudanese people to achieve stability and sustainable development.

The leaders urged the international community to write off Sudan’s foreign debts, scrapping unilateral economic sanctions which affected development and prosperity of people.

They urged OIC members and financial institutions to support Sudan to overcome the critical economic situation it was experiencing.

They also called for lifting Sudan’s name from the US list of countries supporting terrorism.

The Sudanese army removed President Omar Al-Bashir in the wake of mounting protests against the long-time president.

The army formed a transitional military council to run the country and has been engaged in negotiations with the opposition Freedom and Change Declaration for an orderly and peaceful transition to a civilian rule.

Source: Kuwait News Agency