Over 77,000 tourists get visas to Saudi Arabia within 33 days — FM

RIYADH, 77,069 tourists of different nationalities have obtained visas since September 27, Saudi Foreign Ministry said on Wednesday.

The ministry posted an infographic on its Twitter account, saying that the biggest number of visas went to the Chinese, British and American tourists reaching 11,988, 17,777 and 8,926 respectively.

Some 6,158 Malaysian people got visas, followed by 5,413 Canadian tourists, and 3,097 French visitors, the ministry noted.

More than 1,600 visas went to Kazakhstan, Germany and Australia each, it said, adding that 11,693 other nationals have received the entry visas to Saudi Arabia.

On September 27, Saudi Arabia announced the launch of the tourism visas for 49 countries as a first phase. They can obtain the visas via the website of the ministry or as soon as they arrive in Saudi Arabia.

Source: Kuwait News Agency