Oxfam criticises “Fortress Europe” solution for migration crisis

The international aid organisation, OXFAM, in its reaction to the EU mini-summit on migration Sunday criticised the tough EU approach towards migrants arriving in Europe.

Oxfam’s EU migration policy advisor, Raphael Shilhav, said in a statement after the meeting tonight that “People who arrive in Europe in search of safety and support are met with barbed wire and brutality. They are trapped in overcrowded camps with insufficient basic services and at risk of violence and sexual abuse.

“Last week there was an outpouring of horror and disbelief in response to the inhumane policies in the United States which are tearing children from their families. Yet our own leaders continue to fail to agree a common European solution which would allow migrants to be treated with respect,” noted the statement.

“The majority of leaders understand the need for a Europe-wide approach, but the rights of refugees and migrants should not be sacrificed for the sake of European unanimity,” it added.

Earlier, Joseph Muscat, Maltese Prime Minister, told reporters that “today’s meeting was better than expected and some progress has been achieved to understand each other”.

French President Emmanuel Macron said “this cooperation requires the responsibility of everyone and the spirit of solidarity to share the burden and pressure of some countries”.

“On this subject, France has no lessons to receive from anyone. We are the second host country for asylum seekers this year. Finally, we must seek efficiency and fight against illegal immigration in a humane and methodical way,” he told reporters.

Alexis Tsipra, Greek Prime Minister, whose country is facing the brunt of illegal migrants, said “we face huge dilemma .We did not take any decision but prepared for the summit (on Thursday).

“It is European problem and have to find European solutions,” he added.

Pedro Sanchez, Prime Minister of Spain sad the meeting “was a good step forward.

“Everyone agreed the need to have a common responsibility for a common solution,” he added.

Source: Kuwait News Agency