Palestinians can walk away from accords with Israel – Pres. Abbas

GAZA, President Mahmoud Abbas threatened that the Palestinians would back down from the accords previously signed with the Israeli occupation authorities if the latter pursued their plans for settlement expansions in the occupied territories.

“If (Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin) Netanyahu persisted in his plans to change the status of the territories occupied in 1967, all agreements and the measures consequent thereupon will be rendered null and void,” Abbas told reporters on Tuesday.

Earlier today, Netanyahu vowed to expand, if reelected, Israel’s sovereignty over all settlements in the West Bank, starting with the Jordan Valley, northwest the Dead Sea.

President Abbas denounced Netanyahu’s plans as flagrant violation of all relevant UN resolutions and international laws.

He stressed that the Palestinian people and leaders are determined to pursue the struggle for their legitimate rights with all possible means “whatever the consequences might be.”

Source: Kuwait News Agency