PAY organizes activities for Kuwait’s youth during Ramadan

The Public Authority for Youth (PAY) announced on Thursday various programs, activities and competitions for youth from different ages during the Holy month of Ramadan.

The events follows guidelines to prevent the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19).

PAY will organize educational seminars and lectures in various fields of youths’ interests, by two seminars weekly, with the participation of experts and academics, Head of PAY’s public relations and media department Abdullah Al-Adwani said in remarks to KUNA.

PAY will spread daily awareness messages via its social media accounts related to health protection measures the country is witnessing, shedding light on the importance of abiding by the health regulations, and encouraging people to practice sports, he added.

PAY will also broadcast religious messages in accordance with the Holy month, he added.

They will launch the 10,000 walking steps challenge, which will take place every week, he said.

PAY will present a program on history, culture, volunteering, arts, literature, and sports, and will run interviews with actors and intellectuals every Sunday and Thursday weekly, he added.

The Authority will also continue broadcasting its program “Youth from distance” which include online training courses, as more than 11,000 youngsters benefited from this program that kicked off after the outbreak of COVID-19 last March.

Al-Adwani called on engage and registers in those activities through various PAY social media accounts, praising the efforts exerted by volunteering Kuwaiti youth who greatly contributed in the success of these ventures, which positively assist the youth the invest their time.

Source: Kuwait News Agency