Restaurants, entertainment facilities closed in Maryland

WASHINGTON Maryland Governor Larry Hogan issued an emergency order closing all of the state’s entertainment facilities to the general public indefinitely.

The decision, effective at Monday-Tuesday midnight, follows the confirmation, as of Monday morning, of 96 infections with the novel coronavirus in the District, Maryland and Virginia, the Washington Post reported.

The Washington region’s public schools are closed Monday. Schools throughout the region open doors to feed families instead.

In Virginia, Governor Ralph Northam (D) announced a statewide ban on events of 100 people or more and said the total number of positive coronavirus cases in the state had grown to 45.

For the first time since the Civil War, the Maryland General Assembly will adjourn early, ending its session Wednesday instead of April 6.

A doctor at Children’s National Hospital in Northeast Washington has tested positive for the new coronavirus, officials at the hospital announced Monday in a statement.

The Department of Veterans Affairs says it has administered more than 100 tests for COVID-19, and recorded four positive results, 21 presumptive positive results and one death.

The death occurred on March 14 in the Portland, Oregon, VA system. The four confirmed cases are in Palo Alto, California; Southern Nevada; Denver and Maine. Two of the patients are home quarantined and two are inpatients.

In a related development, President Donald Trump said in a tweet, “Everybody is so well unified and working so hard. It is a beautiful thing to see.” “They love our great Country. We will end up being stronger than ever before!,” he added.

Source: Kuwait News Agency