Solving Syrian crisis needs political means – German FM

LONDON, German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas underlined Thursday that political means should be the sole option for resolving the Syrian crisis.

In statements to reporters following his meeting with British counterpart Boris Johnson, Maas called for pilling pressures on Syrian regime to accept political solutions.

The international community should also exercise more pressure on Russia, the main backer of the Syrian regime.

Russia’s vetoes in the UN Security Council had torpedoed effective resolutions to address the seven-year civil conflict, he lamented.

The pressure on Russia would weaken the Syrian regime and make it more ready to accept UN resolutions, he said.

The German top diplomat, however, stressed the need to maintain communication channels with Russia to help end the Syrian conflict.

He also noted that the British government had not asked for support from Germany in the currently discussed military response to the chemical attack on the Syrian city of Douma.

These measures had not been determined, or agreed upon and still rumors, he added. (

Source: Kuwait News Agency