Syrian opposition welcomes UNSC resolution on E. Ghouta truce

The Syrian opposition welcomed Sunday the Resolution 2401, unanimously adopted recently by the UN Security Council (UNSC), to stop the bloodshed in Eastern Ghouta, Syria.

The resolution is hoped to be of “credibility” and facilitates safe and unhindered passage of humanitarian aid convoys inside conflict-stricken areas in Syria, Nasr Al-Hariri, Head of Syrian Negotiations Committee, said in a statement.

“Free Syrian army’s commitment to a comprehensive ceasefire and willingness to facilitate the delivery of humanitarian aid, indicates its high spirit of patriotism, and reiterates, also, its keenness on lifting the suffering of Syrian people and stopping the bloodshed,” said Al-Hariri.

Meanwhile, Al-Hariri denounced all forms and types of terrorism, expressing his hope that Resolution 2401 be strongly backed by an international will and observation measures to deter any attempt aimed to violate it.

On Saturday, the UNSC approved the Kuwaiti-Swedish draft to allow a ceasefire and the possibility delivering aid. The Syrian regime’s attacks on Eastern Ghouta had killed more than 400 people and injured over 1,000 others.

Source: Kuwait News Agency