Taliban losing ground in Afghanistan – Pentagon

WASHINGTON, The Taliban has lost ground in Afghanistan thanks to targets the US has made against its resources and finances, said Pentagon Spokesperson Dana White.

“So they have lost ground. And I think you can see by the fact that their attacks have been more spectacular and they’ve killed more civilian innocent lives, shows that they’re desperate,” she told reporters.

“I think there’s plenty of evidence, and there’s been plenty of evidence in the last year, that things are moving in the right direction,” White added noting that the number of provinces in Afghanistan that have governance is increasing.

“We have to remember that the Taliban and ISIS, their motive is to scare people. It’s fear. And they are perfectly targeting voting registration,” said the spokesperson.

“We have to remember that our goal is to force the enemy to a political solution.

And we’re going to do that. But the enemy gets a vote. We will continue to work. We’re there to stand with the Afghan government.

Source: Kuwait News Agency