US lifts travel restrictions for Chadian nationals

WASHINGTON, President Donald Trump lifted the travel restrictions for Chadian nationals on Tuesday following a period of review in which the country improved its “identity management and information sharing practices.” The executive order, implemented on December 8, also placed restrictions on foreign visitors from Libya, North Korea, Syria, Venezuela, Yemen, and Somalia which are still in place.

“Chad is a critical and vital partner to the US counterterrorism mission,” said a statement from the State Department. “Chad has made significant strides and now meets the baseline criteria established in the Presidential Proclamation.” The travel restrictions on Chad will be terminated on April 13. Then its citizens will be able to receive visas to travel to the US.

“We welcome the improved practices by the Chadian authorities, which demonstrate a clear off ramp for countries placed on the travel restriction list. These improvements will improve security for the people of Chad and the United States,” said the statement.

The US looks forward to further cooperation with Chad on security, good governance, health, and economic development, it said.

Source: Kuwait News Agency