Algerian FM receives France’s special Envoy for Libya

France’s Special Envoy for Libya Frederic Desagneaux said Wednesday that his visit to Algeria aims to pursue close and trustful consultation between both countries on Libya.

“I wanted to come to Algiers as soon as possible to pursue the close and trustful consultation between France and Algeria on Libya,” the French official told the press after his talks with Foreign Minister Abdelkader Messahel.

He added that “the situation in Libya ahead of the Paris Conference on 29 May which culminated in very positive results was welcomed by Algerian authorities,” stressing that French authorities “greatly appreciated the participation of Premier Ahmed Ouyahia in this Conference.” Desagneaux considered his visit to Algeria for a “trustful dialogue and exchange,” and stressed that the decisions of the Paris Conference “must be implemented” and “this is a diplomatic and political challenge to the main Libyan stakeholders and international partners concerned by the Libyan crisis, primarily our two countries.” “Fulfilling the Paris Conference commitments requires a long process and a lot of work,” said the French official.

Source: Kuwait News Agency