Algerian unions discuss political solutions to crisis

ALGIERS, Seventy-one Algerian unions, societies and organizations held a consultative meeting on Saturday to discuss arrangements for a civil society symposium planned on June 15 aiming to make a roadmap for getting out of the country’s political crisis.

In a press statement after the meeting, Said Saleh, head of the Algerian organization for human rights, said the these bodies gathered today to assume their responsibilities and take part in finding a solution to the ongoing crisis facing the country.

The participants are part of the popular movement and discussed technical proposals to solve the crisis, he added.

There are popular demands and officials should meet these demands, he noted.

There were two proposals; forming a body to write the constitution and holding the presidential election, he stated.

Civil society organizations held four preparatory meetings to share views, proposals and initiatives on the crisis.

Source: Kuwait News Agency