AMMC: Kuwaiti investments presence in Moroccan capital market ‘strong’

RABAT, Kuwaiti investments in Morocco are strong in a number of vital sectors, Chairperson and CEO of the Moroccan capital market authority’s (AMMC) head Nezha Hayat said Monday.

Speaking to KUNA, Hayat indicated that Kuwait investments are focused in the telecommunication as well as petroleum and natural gas sectors, adding investments in the said sectors were continuously growing.

In 2018, the amount of Kuwaiti investments in Morocco reached USD 200.5 million distributed at 75 percent of telecommunication and 22 percent for oil and gas, she revealed, indicating that Kuwait’s investments represented around 2.5 percent of the USD nine-billion investments of GCC countries in the country.

She indicated that the Moroccan market was keen on attracting more investments from Kuwait and elsewhere, affirming that the AMMC was working hard to market opportunities in Morocco.

New legislations were placed recently to facilitate business in the Kingdom of Morocco and the AMMC will work to highlight such steps, she affirmed.

Source: Kuwait News Agency