Arab coalition bomb houthi positions in Saada – Def. Min.

ADEN, Arab coalition supporting legitimate Yemeni government carried out airstrikes on several positions of the houthi militias in northern governorate of Saada, paving way for Yemeni army advancement, the Defense Ministry’s September Net website reported.

It said military jets launched four airstrikes against concentration positions of the houthis behind Sahama mountains, east of Saada.

The aircraft also attacked houthi positions in Baqem district, northern Saada.

The ministry said the airstrikes killed and injured unspecified number of houthis, as well as destroying military vehicles.

Meanwhile, Saba news agency said government forces controlled many positions in Baqem and inflicted human and material losses among the houthis.

The government forces are carrying out military operations backed by coalition’s fighter jets, Apaches and heavy artillery, in addition to logistic and intelligence support.

Source: Kuwait News Agency