Arab leaders call for preventing use of technology in terrorism

DHAHRAN, Saudi Arabia, Arab leaders called Sunday for preventing the use of technology in spreading and promoting terrorist ideologies and acts.

This statement came in the final communique of the 29th Arab Summit held in the eastern city of Dhahran, Saudi Arabia.

The final communique of the “Jerusalem Summit” stressed that there was no connection between Islamic teachings and terrorism, calling on the international community to clearly identify terrorism as an act that has no religion or creed.

The document said that all acts of terrorism should be condemned including the ones committed against minorities such as the Muslim Rohingya in Myanmar.

The communique displayed support to the UAE claims over the three islands of Abu Musa in addition the Greater and Lesser Tunbs, saying that occupying force Iran and the UAE should refer to international courts of justice to end the dispute over the locations.

The conferees affirmed support to Somalia against terrorism as well as efforts by the Union of the Comoros to reach its vision for development.

The final communique lauded Arab countries’ efforts for economic and social developments, hoping that it will lead to the welfare of Arab citizens.

Source: Kuwait News Agency