Arab League chief calls for united stand on US peace plan

CAIRO Secretary General of the Arab League Ahmad Abul Gheit called on the foreign ministers of the League’s member states to adopt a single stance towards the so called “deal of the century” for peace in the Middle East.

“The US plan is unlikely to establish peace or stability in the region,” he said Saturday, commenting on the plan proposed by US President Donald J. Trump on Tuesday.

However, Abul Gheit stressed the need of relaunching the Palestinian Israeli peace talks in order to reach a fair and comprehensive settlement to the protracted Middle East conflict.

He was addressing the extraordinary meeting of the Arab League Council, held on the ministerial level in the presence of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas.

“The recent US proposal, backed by Israel, unveils a dramatic shift in the long standing US policy towards the Palestinian Israeli conflict; it is a source of uneasiness and profound concern for us,” he stated.

The League chief noted that such a serious issue requires “a unified collective stance” from the Arab countries from the Atlantic Ocean to the Arab Gulf which share the concern over the Palestine cause.

“The ministerial meeting should send a message to the world that the Palestinians are not alone and their free choices always enjoy backing from the Arab countries,” he underscored.

“The US proposal is disappointing and far from justice since it followed stark indications of US bias against, and unprecedented pressure on, the Palestinians, including the (US) recognition of the Jerusalem as capital of Israel.

“The Palestinians are clearly against the current scenarios which fail to meet their aspirations and put them under actual occupation. These scenarios can result in neither peace nor stability. They rather bear the seeds of another century of conflict and suffering,” Abul Gheit argued.

The Arab side, while studying carefully any peace proposals takes into consideration “the future of our sons,” and “judgement of history on us,” he said, asserting the Arabs’ right to accept or reject the US plan.

The League chief suggested that the Palestinians and Israelis themselves should rather negotiate directly so as to reach an acceptable settlement that could ensure their peace and coexistence.

He also urged the Palestinians to act urgently to unify their ranks and bridge the rift in their national action which negatively impacted their struggle. (pickup revious)

Source: Kuwait News Agency