Arab League welcomes Riyadh Agreement between Yemeni sides

CAIRO, The Arab League on Tuesday welcomed the Riyadh Agreement reached between Yemen’s legitimate government and the Southern Transitional Council (STC).

The Cairo-based League stressed that the deal is a “key step” to maintain Yemen’s unity and avoid further division.

In a statement, the League’s Secretary General Ahmad Aboul-Gheit said Saudi Arabia has played an important role in sponsoring the agreement and pushing the Yemeni parties to sit down at the negotiation table.

The Riyadh accord is a signal of a consensus reached between the Yemeni parties so as to avoid the war and division, it added.

Maintaining Yemen’s unity, independence and territorial integrity is supported by all parties keen on Yemen’s future and its nation, it noted.

Aboul-Gheit expressed his hope that the deal would be a step to end the war in Yemen and maintain its stability and neighbors’ security, according to the statement.

Meanwhile, President of the Arab Parliament Mishal Al-Sulami lauded, in a statement, the successful efforts by Saudi Arabia to reach the deal between the legitimate government of Yemen and the STC.

He reiterated the AP’s firm stance supporting the legitimate authority in Yemen to face the “Houthi militias’ coup d’etat” and support Yemen’s security, stability and sovereignty.

He commended the legitimate government and the STC’s response to Saudi Arabia’s call for reconciliation and ending split as well as prioritizing the country’s interest in order to overcome this critical phase in Yemen’s history.

Source: Kuwait News Agency