Arab Parl. affirms standing with sovereignty of all Arab countries

CAIRO, President of the Arab Parliament Mishaal Al-Salami affirmed Thursday the Parliament’s support for the sovereignty of all Arab countries, standing by their side against any dangers or interference.

This came in a speech delivered by Al-Salami during the opening of the fourth session of the second legislative term of the Arab Parliament.

The current session will be “full of many issues and will result in a number of unified Arab laws, strategies, action plans and parliamentary visions,” he said In this context, Al-Salami assured the Parliament Protection of Egypt’s water security and maintaining its legal and historical rights, calling on Ethiopia not to harm Egypt’s share of the Nile River, which is very important to the Egyptian people.

On the other hand, Al-Salami stressed the importance of Palestinian issue and the demand to take immediate and urgent action to compel Israel to implement the resolutions of international legitimacy, welcoming at the same time the call by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to hold the Palestinian elections.

Al-Salami also stressed the solidarity of the Arab Parliament with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its support for all measures taken to protect its vital and economic facilities.

As for Syrian file, he strongly condemned “the Turkish aggression” on northeastern Syria, demanding the withdrawal of all foreign forces and armed militias from Syrian territory.

In his speech, Al-Salami affirmed the Arab Parliament’s firm position in support of Yemeni legitimacy, security, stability and unity of Yemen and the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the country.

On Libya, Al-Salami renewed appeal to all parties in Libya to prevail the language of dialogue and wisdom and end the armed conflict to preserve the security and stability of the country.

As for the Sudanese issue, he called for Sudan to be removed from the list of state sponsoring terrorism.

“Based on the plan of the Arab Parliament adopted by the Jerusalem Summit in Dhahran 2018, a draft resolution on this matter will be presented to the Parliament session”, he noted.

As for the current situation in Iraq, the Arab Parliament follows with great concern the developments in Iraq, condemning in the strongest terms the killing of demonstrators and security forces and the burning of state buildings, Al-Salami added.

He called on the Iraqi government to respond to the legitimate demands of the demonstrators.

He concluded his speech by addressing the latest developments in Lebanon, and saluted the Lebanese people and their rights and establish a civil system based on scrutiny and the rule of law, fighting corruption and achieving decent living.

Source: Kuwait News Agency