Arab Parl’t adopts work plan to lift Sudan from terrorism list

The Arab Parliament (AP) has adopted a work plan that will seek to see Sudan removed for the list of states sponsors of terrorism.

An ad hoc committee has been formed for the purpose, chaired by AP Speaker Dr. Meshal Al-Salmi.

According to the plan, the AP will move on the Arab, regional and international levels, focusing on Sudan’s active role on the three scenes, Al-Salmi.

He referred to Sudan’s efforts for combating terrorism, both in the Arab and Muslim world “as a pivotal state in the 41-nation Saudi-led Islamic Military Alliance against terrorism.” Sudan is also a member of the Arab Coalition Supporting Legitimacy in Yemen, and it cooperates effectively on the African and international scenes to combat terrorism, Al-Salmi said.

He pointed to Khartoum’s positive and active role for countering regional interference in the internal affairs of the Arab countries, as well as for achieving security and safety in Africa.

The AP will work in coordination with the Sudanese foreign ministry, the Sudanese National Assembly (parliament) and the Arab League, on the broad lines of AP’s moves

Source: Kuwait News Agency