British MPs approves delay to Brexit

LONDON, British MPs voted massively on Thursday in favour of asking the EU to delay Brexit and holding a new vote soon on a divorce deal they have already rejected twice.

Parliament voted by 412 in favour and 202 against on the government’s proposal, a rare respite for Prime Minister Theresa May following a chaotic week.

The verdict is not binding on the government, which is in any case against holding another referendum.

However, more than half the total number of MPs voted against the motion, making clear the lack of support in the House of Commons for staging a second vote.

Barely two weeks before Britain is due to leave the EU on March 29, Britain has yet to agree a plan on how to leave and parliament was voting Thursday on whether to ask Brussels for a delay to the departure date.

Meanwhile, an EU Commission Spokesperson has reiterated that any delay to the Brexit process must be approved by all 27 member states.

We take note of tonight’s votes. A request for an extension of Article 50 requires the unanimous agreement of all 27 Member States.

It will be for the European Council (Article 50) to consider such a request, giving priority to the need to ensure the functioning of the EU institutions and taking into account the reasons for and duration of a possible extension.

President Juncker is in constant contact with all leaders.

Source: Kuwait News Agency