CAN warns of obesity, calls for healthy diet

Cancer Awareness Nation (CAN) campaign, stressed Tuesday the necessity of following a healthy diet, as Kuwait among the top countries in obesity compared to the rest of the world.

Nutrition specialist and observer of community nutrition promotion at the Public Authority for Food and Nutrition Wajd Al-Othman, during a virtual seminar marking Breast Cancer Awareness Month, affirmed family?’s responsibility to follow a healthy diet, CAN said in a statement.

International reports revealed that Kuwait had the highest rates of obesity among children and adults, as half of the girls between the ages of 5-15 are obese, and that the level of obesity is higher among women 50 years old and above, she said.

It is a dangerous wake-up call, she said, as the scientific studies by the American Society of Clinical Oncology have proven the link between obesity and the high incidence of breast cancer in women.

Al-Othman warned of the danger of processed and cold meats, fatty food and high calories fried food, and pointing to the importance of eating vegetables, legumes, fruits, eating white meat and reducing red meat consumption in addition to practicing sport.

She praised what CAN had done in adopting the anti-obesity program through free subscription for citizens and residents of Kuwait, and encouraged the public to join this free program in order to avoid obesity and its risks.

She also praised the role of media in Kuwait, which greatly contributed to the success of awareness against cancer, as it had achieved an increase of more than 30 percent during the past five years of cured cancer cases in Kuwait.

Source: Kuwait News Agency