Despite veto threat, Trump signs 1.3 trln spending bill

US President Donald Trump announced Friday he will sign the 1.3 trillion omnibus spending bill that was passed by Congress as a “matter of national security.” Despite earlier threatening to veto the massive spending package that would fund the federal government through September, Trump reversed course saying he would sign it into law in part because of its funding for the military and national security, including funding for a border wall with Mexico.

“There are a lot of things I’m unhappy about in this bill, there are a lot of things that we shouldn’t have had in this bill, but we were in a sense forced if we want to build our military,” Trump said.

He expressed unhappiness with many provisions within bill and claimed lawmakers hastily put it together and had little time to read through it’s the 2,232-pages, calling it a “ridiculous situation.

“I said to Congress, I will never sign another bill like this again,” Trump said.

The President called on Congress to give him a “line item veto” for all federal spending bills, which would allow him to delete provisions of the bills he dislikes, despite the Supreme Court’s ruling that such vetos for tax and spending provisions are unconstitutional.

Source: Kuwait News Agency