EP delegation holds “positive talks” on human rights in Sudan

BRUSSELS– A 4-member delegation from the European Parliament’s Human Rights Subcommittee (DROI) paid it’s first-ever visit to Sudan from December 17 to 19 2017 to assess the human rights situation in the country.

DROI in a statement Wednesday said it is “grateful to the government of Sudan for facilitating its first-ever mission to Sudan and for the frank and positive discussions on human rights.” “The delegation was encouraged by the peaceful co-existence of people of different religions in Sudan and the unrestricted freedom of worship,” it said.

The EP delegation met with the Speaker of the National Assembly, the Chair of the Human Rights Committee, with the Ministers of Foreign Affairs, the Interior, and Guidance and Endowment, and with the chair and members of the National Commission on Human Rights during its visit to Sudan.

Nevertheless, the DROI delegation expressed concern about a number of human rights issues that still need to be addressed.

These include restrictive laws and administrative burdens on civil society organisations, restrictions set out in the Press and Publication Act on freedom, the excessive powers and methods of the National Intelligence Security Service, which operates without adequate public accountability.

Source: Kuwait News Agency