EU rejects accusation of anti-Semitism

BRUSSELS, The European Union (EU) Thursday categorically rejected any accusation of anti-Semitism after the EU court of Justice ruled on Tuesday that products produced in illegal Israeli settlements in occupied Palestinian Territories must be labelled as such.

“Any suggestion that indication of origin on products coming from Israeli settlements in the occupied Palestinian territory or in the occupied Golan has anything to do with targeting Jews or antisemitism is unacceptable,” chief spokesperson of the European Commission, Mina Andreeva, told a news conference.

“The EU stands strongly and unequivocally against any form of antisemitism,” she stressed.

The US State Department in a statement has expressed its “deep concern” over the EU court ruling and said it suggests an “anti-Israel bias.” Mina Andreeva noted that “all products placed on the EU market, domestically produced or imported, must have product information that is correct and not misleading for consumers.” “The EU policy on indication of origin of products coming from illegal settlements in occupied territories is based on international law, not on discriminatory considerations,” she added.

Source: Kuwait News Agency