EU says 5G networks pose major security challenges

BRUSSELS, The European Union Wednesday published a report that identifies a number of important security challenges, which are likely to appear or become more prominent in fifth-generation (5G) networks, compared with the situation in existing networks.

The report says that 5G networks are the future backbone of our increasingly digitised economies and societies.

Billions of connected objects and systems are concerned, including critical sectors such as energy, transport, banking and health. Therefore ensuring the security and resilience of 5G networks is essential.

The report warns of increased exposure in 5G networks to cyber attacks and to risks related to the reliance of mobile network operators on suppliers.

Among the various potential actors, non-EU countries or state-backed actors are considered the most serious ones and the most likely to target 5G networks, it noted.

5G networks are expected to become the backbone of many critical IT applications, and the integrity and availability of those networks will become major national security concerns and a major security challenge from an EU perspective, it warned.

The report is based on the results of national cybersecurity risk assessments by all EU member states.

The European Union Agency for Cybersecurity is finalising a specific threat landscape mapping related to 5G networks, which considers in more detail certain technical aspects covered in the report.

By 1 October 2020, EU member states – in cooperation with the European Commission – will assess the effects of the recommendation in order to determine whether there is a need for further action.

Source: Kuwait News Agency