European Parliament wants EU to become effective global actor

BRUSSELS, The European Union needs to become more of a credible and effective global actor, and take a prominent leadership role on the international stage, the European Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee said in a resolution adopted Wednesday.

In their annual resolution assessing the state of play on the EU’s common foreign and security policy (CFSP), the Committee noted that the world is facing a global power shift, with geopolitical competition becoming a leading trend. The need for a stronger and effective Europe that acts on its external relations in a unified manner is therefore more urgent than ever, it stressed.

The resolution was adopted by 47 votes in favor, 12 against and 4 abstentions.

In a world where the multilateral order is being challenged more and more, the Committee expressed its full support for new Commission President Ursula von der Leyen’s decision to transform the European Commission into a ‘geopolitical commission’, focused on building a credible external political actor.

Teaming up with the EU’s like-minded strategic partners, especially NATO, and with emerging countries is essential to defend the global rule-based order founded on international and humanitarian law and multilateral treaties, it said.

The resolution also calls for a stronger parliamentary dimension of EU foreign policy, highlighting the importance of parliamentary assemblies as forums for cooperation and dialogue.

“Only four days after the new VP/HR Josep Borrell took office, the committee is presenting its vision of a more effective Common Foreign and Security Policy. The European Parliament is ready, together with the European Commission and the European External Action Service , to ensure a more coordinated approach to our external action”, commented the chair of the Committee David McAllister .

The resolution will be put to vote by the European Parliament as a whole during the session in Strasbourg in January. It will then represent the official position of the full House.

Source: Kuwait News Agency