France condemns siege of civilians in Syria’s Eastern Ghouta

PARIS– France on Friday condemned the Syrian regime’s siege of civilians in Eastern Ghoutta and the deteriorating situation facing people in that area.

Eastern Ghouta is under the Syrian regime’s siege, while it should be one of the de-escalation zones in line with the Astana talks, the French Foreign Ministry said in a statement today.

The statement added that “the Syrian government violated commitments by carrying out intensive bombardments, which killed hundreds of civilians over the recent weeks.” It noted that the Syrian regime prevents the entry of humanitarian aid to 400,000 citizens in Eastern Al-Ghouta, and it refuses to evacuate more than 500 citizens, including 137 children, facing a medical emergency.

The ministry called on Russia and Iran — as sponsors of the talks of Astana and allies of the Syrian regime — to exercise pressures in order to stop the bombing and enter humanitarian assistance to the areas in dire need of aid, according to the statement.

The statement held the Syrian regime responsibility for not making progress in the Geneva negotiations, noting that the regime “adopts an irresponsible strategy.” The Syrian regime is completely responsible for the failure of the UN-led Syrian peace talks in Geneva, it made clear.

It stressed that “there is no alternative to a political solution reached through negotiations agreed by the two parties and under the auspices of the United Nations.

It renewed France’s support for the UN envoy to Syria Staffan de Mistura.

De Mistura said in a statement that the 8th round of Geneva negotiations, concluded on Thursday, did not make any tangible progress, referring that a “golden opportunity” has been lost.

Source: Kuwait News Agency