France’s Macron says Assad at war with own people

BRUSSELS, French President Emanuel Macron Tuesday defended his decision to join the UK and US in launching military strikes against chemical weapons sites in Syria in a bid to keep international law intact.

Speaking in the European Parliament in Strasbourg , he said “it has nothing to do with Iraq or Libya, we have not declared war on anyone and did not intervene in declaring war on anyone.” “But if you believe in multilateralism, if you believe in the force of law, then at some point of time you have to decide that you cannot simply cave in to the cynicism of those who do not support multilateralism,” Macron added.

The French president pointed out that there is an international coalition against the so-called Islamic State (IS), “which has attacked us and caused hundreds of fatalities in our countries. That is the only war that we are engaged in Syria.” He cited a “parallel war between Syrian President Bashar Al Assad and his own people as well as his opponents for seven years,” saying that, “We haven’t declared war on Bashar Al Assad and the intervention a few days ago has not changed that.” He noted that past UN resolutions, supported by UN Security Council members, had condemned the use of chemical weapons and there was a clear commitment vis-a-vis the regime of Bashar Al Assad.

“On multiple occasions, that particular provision has been flouted and several members of the international community organized themselves in order to make the UN unable to act against the use of chemical weapons,” said the French leader. He added that the world has been shocked by images of children and women who have been purportedly attacked by chlorine in Syria. “We need to stand up. We need to defend our rights. What are we going to say? The rights are just for us, principles just for us. What about everybody else? No, that is simply not acceptable,” he stressed.

Source: Kuwait News Agency