Germany, Turkey agree on restoring normal ties

Germany and Turkey agreed on Saturday to normalize relations between the two nations paving the way to close a chapter of one year and a half of jittery ties.

The accord to restore the normal relations came during a meeting that grouped German Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel and his Turkish counterpart, Mevl?�t Cavusoglu, it was officially reported.

Minister Gabriel welcomed an invitation by his guest to visit Turkey, praising the historic bonds between Ankara and Berlin and lauding Turkish workers who had contributed to rebuilding Germany after World War II.

He added that the two sides attach great significance to restoring the regular relationship which turned sour due to Turkey’s detention of German citizens and Ankara’s charges that Germany hosted members of the outlawed group, the Workers Party of Kurdistan and followers of the exiled activist, Fethulah Gulen.

Both sides believe that problems can be resolved through dialogue, the Turkish foreign minister stated. However, he has acknowledged that the two sides disagree on Turkey’s accession into the European Union.

German-Turkish ties had dramatically strained since March 2016 after Turkish authorities detained German journalists and human rights activists.

Source: Kuwait News Agency