Gunmen open fire on families leaving E. Ghouta – Russian official

A convoy of families trying to leave Syria’s opposition-held enclave of Eastern Ghouta was attacked by several militants, Russian military sources suggested on Thursday.

While the convoy of 300 families was heading to Al-Malihah area, the gunmen opened fire on it, leading to the burning of three trucks, Russia’s news agency, Interfax, quoted a spokesman for the Russian center for reconciliation in Syria Vladimir Zolotukhin as saying.

The militants also targeted an exit point from Eastern Ghouta where Russian and foreign reporters as well as relatives of the displaced families were waiting for their departure from Eastern Ghouta, he said.

Action is underway to assess casualties due to the attack on the convoy, he add.

Meanwhile, the agency said a US spy airplane earlier conducted a reconnaissance operation over the Russian military bases in Syria.

The aircraft took off from a base in Crete Island in Greece, it made clear.

Last week, Russian authorities announced the opening of humanitarian corridors in Eastern Ghouta for five hours per day that, they said, are in line with the implementation of the UN Security Council resolution No. 2401.

The resolution calls for the implementation of a 30-day humanitarian truce, with the aim of alleviating suffering of civilians and delivering humanitarian aid there.

Source: Kuwait News Agency